Real Weddings

image This Classic New York Wedding Was All About Tradition, a Unicorn Color Palette & Chinese Takeaway

Ruthie Friedlander & Steven Chaiken got married in the same spot as her grandparents—before pre-gaming their reception with a visit to Mr. Chow.

image Our Beauty Director Jenna Rosenstein Spent Two Years Planning This Epic Wedding in Miami Beach

An Oreo butler, a Stormtrooper appearance, and face mask favors were only some of the surprises...

image Inside Celebrity Hairstylist Justine Marjan's Elopement in Santa Barbara

Step one, get married. Step two, eat burgers.

image How Singer-Songwriter Yuna & Filmmaker Adam Sinclair's Wed in the Malaysian Jungle

How this couple met will make you smile—and their wedding will make you swoon.

image This Couple Embraced All Things Tropical For Their Wedding Weekend in Cartagena

From the food and music to the decor and fashion, this wedding was about a love for all things C0lombiano.

Jamie Bernfield and Seth Birkan Two Haute Couture Looks Were the Centerpiece of This Stunning Wedding in Capri

Jamie Bernfield and Seth Birkan's four-day celebration on the Amalfi Coast was all about embracing la dolce vita.

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image Katie Ermilio & Tylee Abbott's Wedding Turned a Pennsylvania Horse Farm into the English Countryside

The fashion designer and art specialist were set up by mutual friends, and then it was off to the races...

image Photos from Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Wedding You Probably Don't Remember

In honor of their eighth wedding anniversary, revisit the the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's magical day.

image This Bride Found Her Gown One Month Before Her Stunning Vineyard Wedding

A meet-cute in New York City, 5 years of globetrotting, and a proposal in Maui led to one epic celebration in Santa Ynez, California.

image This Couple's Chic Brooklyn Wedding Was Anything But Traditional

Megan Reynolds & Henry Connell merged Britain and Brooklyn for a celebration of their love story.

image This Couple Took Over a Small Town in Italy for Their Medieval-Inspired Wedding

Jessica Hagy & Kyle Lopez have known each other since high school—but didn't fall in love until they met online.

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Jade and Emma, Babington House, Somerset, UK // © Samuel Docker Photography 2018 How Two Ultra-Stylish Brides Dreamed Up the Ultimate Countryside Wedding

Jade and Emma Shone-Sanders married at Babington House in Somerset.

image Ellen Bennett & Casey Caplowe's Wedding Was Outside-The-Box in Every Way

Her custom ombre yellow wedding gown was just the beginning.

image Diipa Khosla Wore 9 Different Looks for Her 4-Day Indian Wedding

The influencer wed Dutch diplomat Oleg Büller in Udaipur, India.

image This Couple Tied the Knot After Two Decades–In the Most Elegant Dallas Wedding

The couple transformed their hometown country club with a dinner tent set atop a swimming pool–and super luxe details.

image This Couple Didn't Believe in Love at First Sight–Until It Happened to Them

Alexandria Geisler & Nicholas Haechler's wedding mixed New York polish with Proven?ale charm.

image ?This Wedding Is Part Royal Wedding and Part French Riviera Fairytale

Tarek Farah and Monika Khoueiri's wedding had it all: a historic villa, Haute Couture, and a beach party for the books.

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image This Bridal Shop Owner Wore Five Different Dresses for her Palm Springs Wedding

Christy Baird, owner of California's LOHO Bride, was spoiled for choice.

image Everything We Know About Meghan Markle's Wedding Gown

The designer–and the dress cost–have allegedly been revealed.

image's Olivia Fleming Married Matt Rubin in the Ultimate Barn Wedding

How a low-key, madly-in-love couple merged New Zealand with Kansas in the Catskills.

image This is How Your Favorite Royal Couples Met

All the love stories from England, Norway, Sweden and beyond...

image From Camels to Fire-Eaters: This is The Most Epic Desert Wedding We've Ever Seen

Henrietta Tiefenthaler & Oli Wennink's wedding in Morocco will make you want to ditch your secret Pinterest boards.

PERU-ROYALS-WEDDING-HANOVER-DE OSMA Prince Christian of Hanover and Alessandra de Osma Had a Gorgeous Royal Wedding in Peru

Kate Moss, Princess Eugenie, and Princess Beatrice were there.

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