What Camilla's Title Will Be When Prince Charles Becomes King

The Duchess of Cornwall will receive a brand new title.

Royal Ascot 2017 - Day 1
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Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, got married on April 9, 2005. Now a regular fixture within the royal family, Camilla often attends official events and functions, and is usually by Prince Charles' side.

As most people already know, Prince Charles is next in line to the throne, and when Queen Elizabeth dies, he will most likely become the King of England. But the role that Camilla will play when the time comes has always been less clear.

Now, in a new profile of Prince Charles in Vanity Fair, Camilla's role once her husband assumes the throne has finally been revealed in more detail. Here's everything we know so far about what Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall's new title will be:

It was previously though that Camilla would become Princess Consort.

After they married in 2005, in a civil ceremony at Windsor Guildhall, Vanity Fair reports that "it was announced that when Charles does accede to the throne she will be given the title princess consort." At the time, Slate described "princess consort" as "a new title created just for Camilla, because crowning her as queen would create PR problems for the royals."

The Prince Of Wales & Duchess Of Cornwall Visit Australia - Day 1
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Public opinion of Camilla has improved immeasurably in recent years.

After news of Charles and Camilla's affair broke, many members of the public had an unfavorable opinion of the Duchess of Cornwall. However, in recent years, Camilla has proven herself to be an important, and well-liked, member of the royal family, and as such, the title that she will eventually receive has changed as a result.

Royal Christmas Card - Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
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Camilla will be given the new title of Queen Consort when Charles becomes King.

Per Vanity Fair, "According to recent reports, she will eventually become queen consort, the customary title for the wife of a reigning king." This is also the title that Kate Middleton will receive when Prince William eventually becomes king.

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While it could be some time before we see Prince Charles on the throne, it's likely that, by his side, Camilla might soon be known as Queen Consort, instead of Duchess or Princess.


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