13-Year-Old Princess Leonor of Spain Gave Her First Royal Speech

She needed a stool to reach the podium, but she did a fantastic job.

Reading of the Spanish Constitution for the 40th anniversary of its approval by the Congress
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Princess Leonor, the 13-year-old daughter of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain, just marked a major royal milestone. She gave her first public address yesterday, which was both her birthday and the 40th anniversary of the Spanish constitution.

To mark the occasion, the teen read the first of 169 articles of the nation's Carta Magna, which was approved by Spanish Parliament in 1978, USA Today reports.

Dressed in a collared blue dress and black Mary Jane shoes, the princess read flawlessly, smiling and making eye contact with the audience throughout the address. Her mother and 11-year-old sister Princess Sofía watched proudly from the front row.

When Leonor was finished, her mother sweetly congratulated her.


Her father also looked proud. He, too, was 13 years old when he gave his first public address, according to USA Today.

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Although she just hit her teen years, Leonor is already next in line for the Spanish throne. Her reading of the Carta Magna is the latest major step she's taken in preparing to become Queen.

Back in January, she was granted the Order of the Golden Fleece, one of the country's highest ranks of chivalry. Her father presented her with the honor on his 50th birthday, according to Popsugar, and offered some loving words of support.

"I know it may seem like you have lots of challenges and responsibilities to face, all important and difficult, but know that you have the support of many people who want the best for Spain, for the crown and for you," he said during his speech.

"Your family will always be at your side, especially your mother and Sofía, who will be with you, supporting you, as will your grandparents and of course, myself," he added. "Know that you have my complete trust and that I feel so immensely proud to have presented this Order of the Golden Fleece to you this morning."

Can someone pass the tissues?

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