Get the latest beauty tips, hair ideas, and makeup advice from the editors at Harper's BAZAAR.

image 13 Common Dreams and What They Really Mean

Two dream experts fill you in on what your subconscious is really trying to tell you.

HBZ090119_286 Inside Silicon Valley's Dangerous New Obsession With Fasting

Proponents of extreme fasting and other biohacks believe that it makes them smarter and more productive. But is it safe?

image The One Perfume Everyone Will Be Wearing This Fall

The new designer perfumes you need to buy, wear, and Instagram this fall.

image Watch Emily DiDonato's Nighttime Skincare Routine

This is how the model and YouTuber keeps her skin camera-ready.

image Everything You Need to Know About Under Eye Filler for Dark Circles

Watch six women get filler under their eyes to see if it really is the cure for dark circles.

image 15 Hyaluronic Acid Serums for Your Most Hydrated Skin Yet

You're drinking your eight glasses of water a day (right?), but is your skin getting proper hydration? These serums are here to help.

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image Non-Surgical Eye-Lifts Are On the Rise

Looking tired all the time? Forget surgery—there are simple ways to get brighter, smoother eyes.

image Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next" Is Now a Perfume

The heartbreak-inspired perfume is coming to Ulta Beauty on August 18th.

image Watch Ashley Graham's Nighttime Skincare Routine

This is how the model and mom-to-be keeps her skin healthy and hydrated.

image What's the Deal With Gua Sha Tools?

One small tool, endless skincare perks.

Bella Hadid Out And About Bella Hadid Is Back From Vacation With Even Blonder Hair

The supermodel is on the way to going platinum.

"The Dead Don't Die" Photocall - The 72nd Annual Cannes Film Festival Selena Gomez Is Launching a Beauty Line Too

The superstar is joining the celebrity beauty club.

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image Your Skin Routine Needs One of These Vitamin E Oils

Find the glow-boosting Vitamin E formula that's right for your skin type.

image The Ultimate Guide to Clean Beauty

How to transform your skin care, makeup, and hair care routine with nontoxic products that actually work.

image How To Build a Clean Skin Care Routine That Actually Works

The case for a cleaner skin care routine—plus the expert-approved products to shop.

image Chemical Sunscreens Are a Danger to You and the Environment

Everything you need to know about the safety of mineral and chemical sunscreens.

image The Best Organic and Clean Hair Products

If switching to an all-natural haircare routine seems daunting, there are certain ingredients in conventional hair products which you can slowly start to avoid.

image Why You Need Natural Toothpaste and Deodorant

The truth about aluminum and the charcoal trend.

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image Why You Need Natural and Clean Makeup

We curated editor-tested and makeup artist-approved natural cosmetics that actually work.

image Why You Need Clean Fragrance and Candles

Something stinks in the world of conventional fragrances: the ingredients can be toxic.

image The Ultimate Guide to Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Everything you need to know about three-, five-, eight, and ten-free nail polishes.

image Where To Shop for Organic and Natural Beauty Products

The best clean beauty retailers for every budget.

image Beauty Packaging is an Environmental Nightmare

The plastic containers filling your bathroom cabinet and makeup bag are not the only troublemakers.

image The One Vitamin Your Hair Routine Is Missing

Vitamin E could be the key to shiny, healthy, longer hair.

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